About this blog…

Out of sight, out of mind… the forgotten, but fundamental, microbes of our lives…


The history of time on earth is much greater and more complex than the human imagination can really grasp… yet we as humans have all been shaped within this vast sea of interactions and adaptations that is our Natural History.

We have never been alone.

Within recent years, science has discovered that we are not even just human, but are living in harmony with the trillions of microbes that have come along for the ride, making a home in and on our bodies. These tiny organisms have been termed our ‘microbiome’, and we have only begun to scratch the surface in learning just how vital they are to our survival. For millions of years, these tiny beings have been learning to live with us and within us, providing our bodies with things we need in exchange for a safe haven.

Plants are not alone, either.

They have their own microbiomes, as diverse and important as our own, and the soil that they grow in is teeming with life. The microbes of the soil help to provide plants with nutrients and defend against disease, just as our own microbiome does for us. In fact, many of the same bacteria are found both in the soil and in the human gut.

It’s all too easy to forget about or ignore the things that we cannot see, and in the modern world, it can be even harder to remember how connected we really are to nature, including the legions of microbes around us and within us.  It’s even harder to fathom how very long we’ve all lived together, helping each other to survive. Yes, microbiomes evolve right along with their host, changing as we change, adapting with us and to us.  They have been with us since our very beginnings.

In this blog, I hope to help bring to light the many ways the microbiomes of our bodies, homes, and gardens are vital to our health, and how our long and complex history of coexisting with microbes has had a far greater impact on the biology of humans, plants and animals than we had ever before imagined…

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