Beneath the Soil: Archaeology!

I’m working this summer at an archaeological site in South Berwick, Maine, and I’ll be updating this page with each day’s most interesting finds!  We are digging at the site of a late 17th century – mid 18th century tavern, and possible garrison that was in use during the French and Indian Wars

July 8th 2014

Gun Cock

Gun Cock

photo (18)photo (19)

    A circa 1690 gun cock from a musket, with the flint still in it!

Which would have looked something like this…





July 9th 2014



A jaw harp, circa 1750

July 14th, 2014

What’s for Dinner?


Animal bones and shells, thrown out with the trash after dinner, c. mid 1700’s.

Seen here are oyster and clam shells, and cow and pig bones


Animal teeth, from left to right, cow, sheep, and pig.

July 15, 2014


On the left, a Tudor Rose button, and on the right a cufflink with a cut glass ‘gem’







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